Depending upon the reason of wearing a wig, selection of the same should be done. If you are opting for a wig to conceal a scalp condition, a hair loss syndrome or any pathological anomalies then a certain material is best suited for you; whereas if you just want to sport a new look or disguise as some character then another material type wig is the right choice.

The human hair wigs
Human hair wigs are made by grafting human hair on a medicated cap. The specialty of the wig is that it gives you the feel and look of original natural hair. The wig can be constructed using your own natural hairs also. It can be styled and trimmed according to you needs and is resistant to heat & water meaning all hair-do equipment is applicable.

Pros of human hair wigs
1. The human hair wigs can be styled freely and hair products are quite effectively applicable.
2. The textures of the human hair wigs are very varied and may close in to your original hair.
3. The human hair wigs are very real looking and with proper care can last as long as a whole year.
Cons of human hair wigs
1. The maintenance of human hair wigs is very high as these require daily wash and frequent deep conditioning
2. Human hair wigs are very costly.
3. The color of the strand is usually very unique and after a fall, it is very difficult to replicate an identical strand.
4. Like natural hairs, hairs of human hair wigs are prone to weather and become fragile due to lumping and drying.
5. The color fades out quickly due to extensive oxidation.
6. Human hair wigs are very heavy and styling them require quite some hassling.

The synthetic hair wigs
Synthetic hair wigs are made from grafting of factory made hairs onto a cap. These hair wigs comes in styled shapes and are instant fashion solution. The wigs are made of natural feeling hair follicles. The hairs are washable and durable.

Pros of synthetic hair wigs
1. The synthetic hair wigs are very low key maintenance.
2. The wigs are inexpensive.
3. Synthetic hair wigs come in pre styled versions.
4. Though styling the synthetic hair wigs is tad difficult still the retention capacity of the style in very long-lasting.
5. The wigs come with a large array of color codes and are natural looking.
Cons of synthetic hair wigs
1. These are very unnaturally shiny.
2. Restyling synthetic hair wigs is very difficult.
3. Not resistant to heat, so styling equipment are a no-go.