Curly wigs are known to be especially difficult when it comes to taking special care of the same. This is because the curl shape for the human curly wig is expected to be maintained for allowing the wig to retain its natural look throughout. As you learn some important human hair curly wig maintenance tips, it can help you in saving a lot of money significantly.

Why Should We Wash Curly Wig Sparingly?

One of the most important maintenance tips for your human hair curly wig is that you should wash the same sparingly. Wigs are not required to be washed as often as your regular hair. However, after using the same for several weeks at a stretch, dust & dirt might get accumulated and this could make your wig lose its overall luster. Moreover, the wig might also get stiff & rough, making it difficult for you to style the same properly. You can, however, wash the curly wigs before this situation comes up.

You are simply asked to wash the curly wig with water without rubbing the same. Curly wigs are known to get tangled as well as frizzy easily. Therefore, you should squish out the water simply and lay it on a towel to dry out itself. Do not rub to get the excess water off the wigs as it might result in the wig to lose its curls.

Why We Need to Cut the Ends of the Curly Wig If Necessary?

As curly wigs are prone to get tangled & frizzy easily, you can consider cutting off a few centimeters from the ends of the wig. It helps in de-tangling the same and making it more stylish throughout.

Why is it Important to Use the Right Comb?

When you have a wavy or curly wig, you can make use of a wide-toothed comb for de-tangling the same smoothly & gently. Start at the tip of the wig and then, gently go downwards. Wigs that have tight waves or curls should not be combed at all as it will damage or break the existing curls. Some of the wigs can be easily detangled with your fingers also.