We know that there are two different wigs: human hair wig and synthetic wig. We need to define their difference before washing.

Many people assume that human hair wig is going to be a superior quality to synthetic wig, that's simply not the case. The higher mode acrylics such as module on and a few other ones that hold a really nice sheen and a really nice consistency throughout their lifetime.

Human hair wig have intact cuticle and cuticle stripped hair , and you have a gamut in between those two ends of the spectrum. So for a human hair wig, you need to know whether it's cuticle intact or cuticle stripped. Cuticle stripped hair will require a lot of sheen and laminates be put back into the hair, which seems to be a coat for it so that it has the sheen and softness. What that means is when you wear and wash it, those laminates come off and the hair tends to get dry and snarly fairly fast. For cuticle intact hair ,all cuticles are going in the same direction. It would last long, but you will have to care it with a bit more delicate condition.

Synthetic wig will tangle over time. It leads to those fibers individually being stretched and then snapped back. When it stretches back, it creates little bits of frizz appearance.

Unlike your biological hair, your wig isn't picking up oils, sweat and other elements from your skin/scalp, it has a tendency to be a bit cleaner. It depends on the environment and the way how you style it.

Normally, if you wear the wig every day, you may wash you wig every week. Sometimes we may wash every two weeks if you use it occasionally. All that depends on when you find there's an indication of frizzy or dirty. Leave comment for your concerns, we will explain more about hair products.