Women and men both like to wear the human hair wigs; hence it is a very popular item. The reason for this popularity is that the human hair wigs give a seamless and natural style to you and leaves a very little doubt that it is not your original hair. Furthermore the hair and the hair cap are side effect less items and do not cause any allergic reaction or discomfort to the wearer. The quality of the product makes them quite high priced and hence a delicate wear. One has to know the tricks to handle these wigs.

The human hair wigs come in two forms- the front laced one and the Full laced one. The front laced one is quite popular among the users and is the most used one and is quite feasible. You just have to put it on with the hairline end capping the forehead while the mane is left flowing at the back. For proper fittings you need to caress your hand over the wig. The lace of the wig will be your new hairline and it will be affixed using skin-friendly glue. The look in front will be great but the back will let people know about the wig. The full laced human hair wig is the best wig for everyone. The wig is worn like a swimming cap that fits in like a rubber band but still it has its own set of rooting accessories. The front lace is a nice hairline fit which is tightened with clippers and running hooks behind the ears. The back lace is supplemented with an adjustable band that puts the wig affixed atop your head. A properly worn full laced human hair wig is a natural winner.